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A change in the physical operating environment enables a radical, positive change in the behaviour and practices of an organisation or the users of a space or area. Bcklight designs the best possible solutions by engaging the users of spaces and areas.

Lead the change instead of adapting to it! With us, you ensure that the end result is an optimal space solution that also helps you take the practices in your organisation or an area to an entirely new level.

“The goals of the space design project for the Lapland University Consortium Library were set sufficiently high and the design process was completed thoroughly, effectively and smoothly.”

Jukka Mäkelä. Vice-Rector, University of Lapland


“The space project for the University of Lapland’s teacher training school implemented user interaction in an engaging, functional and clear way at workshops where the participants could influence their future workspaces by presenting ideas and models about the activities and facilities.”

Heikki Ervast. Principal, Teacher Training School of the University of Lapland


“Bcklight created a shared digital living room for the Hervanta district in Tampere. It enables examining the district’s history through stories, photographs and videos. The work was excellent and considered the various groups of residents throughout the project.”

Petri Pekkola. Chair, Hervannan Tiedotusyhdistys association


“Juha designed the facilities for our offices in Helsinki, Shanghai and Tokyo commendably. The implementation supports the company’s business and facilitates communication between the offices. The excellent end result enables the locations to work together on highly demanding projects, such as transmitting a real-time video feed on the test use of a product across continents while discussing the session with the customer through an interpreter.”

Jaakko Villa. CEO, Solutions Space Ltd